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Futura Expanding Barrier

The Futura Expanding Barrier is designed to be extremely versatile and are utilized as a temporary road closure or shielding barrier in case of emergencies.

Futura Expanding Barrier   Futura Expanding Barrier

The Futura Expanding Barrier:

·         Available in various colour combinations  (Red, White Black, Yellow and Blue).
·         To ensure visibility at night reflective strips are affixed to both sides.
·         A full range of road signs are available for mounting onto the barrier.

The Futura Expanding Barrier is ideal for:

·         Demarcating Hazardous areas
·         Trench & Excavation protection
·         Car park enclosures
·         Temporary boundary/fencing
·         Lane dividers
·         Crowd control
·         Promotional areas

The specifications of the Futura Extending Barrier are:



Extended 3 m

Extended 5m

Frame Weight

Base Weight

Total Weight


1160 mm

1045 mm

745 mm

11 kg

3 x 3 kg

9 kg

20 kg


840 mm

3 m

5 m