Roadblock manufactures and supplies visual policing solutions and specialised equipment for roadblocks and traffic checkpoints
SafetyXpress Stromberg®has been manufacturing and supplying roadblock and traffic control solutions for more than thirty years.

Company Profile

SafetyXpress Stromberg® has been manufacturing and supplying roadblock and traffic control solutions for more than thirty years.  The company markets its Traffic Management Solutions and Road Safety Equipment under the RoadQuip® banner and its Roadblock and Visible Policing Solutions under the Roadblock® banner.

SafetyXpress believes that all equipment used in a road traffic or industrial safety environment must be robust and reliable.  The company has designed the majority of products for use in harsh Southern African conditions which makes it more than capable of operating in virtually any environment.

SafetyXpress Stromberg® manufactures many of its own products.  Products that are imported from other manufacturers undergo a strict quality assurance and comprehensive testing process.

RoadQuip® supplies a comprehensive range of traffic safety and calming equipment including speed bumps, barriers, cones, locks and clamps, flashers and more for deployment at accident scenes, in car parks, construction and mining locations, shopping centres and other environments that require clear safety measures.
Our visible policing equipment for checkpoints and roadblocks has been successfully supplied and deployed in South Africa, and in various countries in Africa and the Middle East. Many years of careful design has resulted in a system that brings the necessary safety to roadblocks and checkpoints for stopping vehicles on public roads. The Roadblock® system contains easy to use multi-purpose road signs, warning lights, under-vehicle inspection mirrors and floodlights, to name but a few. The SafetyXpress Stromberg roadblock checkpoint control system brings both safety and order to potentially dangerous situations.

SafetyXpress Stromberg® is also the African agent for the Stromberg Caltrop Tire Deflator, a solution for stopping high speed vehicle pursuits, or containing a hostage or robbery in progress. The SafetyXpress Stromberg® Tire Deflator is also deployed for effective border control at border posts and checkpoints.

SafetyXpress Stromberg®
has branches in Centurion (serving Pretoria and Johannesburg), Cape Town and Durban.  We will arrange delivery to any location.

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