Roadblock manufactures and supplies visual policing solutions and specialised equipment for roadblocks and traffic checkpoints
SafetyXpress Stromberg® offers Roadblock Systems that brings both safety and order to potentially dangerous situations

The Ultimate Solution for Roadblocks

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SafetyXpress Stromberg® offers Roadblock Systems that brings both safety and order to potentially dangerous situations and offers roadblock solutions to meet the requirements of various roadblock or checkpoint types.

Although roadblocks are not unique, careful design has resulted in the creation of various roadblock equipment that promote essential safety at roadblocks when safely stopping vehicles on public roads. Both officials and the public benefit from the effective safety that our roadblock systems offer.

With 32 years of extensive research and experience in the road safety market, Roadblock offers everything from a completely self-contained trailer system, custom fit vehicle or purpose built roadblock unit specifically developed for roadblocks through to individual road signs, flashlights and traffic cones.

Vehicle Mounted Solutions

Our Custom Fit roadblock solution offers a full roadblock unit that is extremely cost effective due to the fact that NO trailer is required. The Custom Fit roadblock unit is a multi-purpose solution for roadblocks, accidents, and general traffic control.

More about Vehicle Mounted Solutions

Vehicle Mounted Roadblock

3 in 1 Roadblock Setup

The 3-in-1 portable road signage system is designed to meet the needs of the emergency services such as police, traffic, medical, and emergencyrepair work crews.

More about 3 in 1 Portable Signage

3 in 1 Portable Signage

Grab and Run Kit

The Grab-and-Run kit is our most affordable system for vehicle checkpoints, yet a very effective solution. This vehicle check point system contained in 4 lightweight carry bags fits into the boot of most medium and larger sized vehicles.

More about Grab-and-Run Kit

Grab and Run Kit

Roadblock Trailers

Our various roadblock trailers offer a Hook-up and Go solution. No storage problems are faced, all the equipment needed to hold an effective roadblock is contained in a lightweight trailer. Both single and dual lane systems are available.

More about Roadblock Trailers

RoadBlock Trailer

Futura Expanded Barrier

The Expanding Barrier is an extremely versatile, portable multi-purpose barrier that is ideal for effective road or pedestrian closures. The Expanding Barrier is the ideal barricade to keep motorists and pedestrians away from hazardous areas.

More about Expanding Barrier

Futura Expanding Barrier

Xpress Bump

Xpress Bump is a portable speed calming system that can be deployed within 60 seconds by one person in order to effectively slow down speeding vehicles. The Xpress Bump effectively slows down speeding vehicles, requires no installation and is fully portable.

More about Xpress Bump

Xpress Bump

Tyre Deflator

SafetyXpress Stromberg® has been manufacturing and supplying the Tire Deflator for Law Enforcement Agencies for the past two decades. The is a solution for stopping high speed vehicle pursuits, containing a hostage or robbery in progress.

More about Tire Deflator

Tyre Deflator

Flash Lights

We stock a range of flashlights, warning lamps, night flashers, rotating lights and torches for every situation.



Flash Light

Personalised Cones

We can personalise our traffic and barrier cones for your company.  Personalised cones are an effective method of identifying zones on a construction site or in parking areas and are an innovative method of branding your business.  Clearly identified cones are also less likely to be stolen.

Personalised Cones